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AcceptOn allows businesses and individuals alike to organize users and transactions created on their behalf by creating what is referred to as an “Application”. This scenario applies best to a business that identifies as a marketplace where they desire to use AcceptOn on behalf of their customer.

If that’s you, then great, it’s a pretty simple process to complete!

Getting Started

First off, if you haven’t already, create an account at

Next, create a new Application by clicking on your email address, then “Applications”, then “Create Application”. Fill out the form and we will create your application profile.

Retrieve your signup URL

After you’ve created an Application, you can register users under your application by distributing the Signup URL found when you created the Application on your website. Anyone who creates an AcceptOn account using this URL will be associated with your Application.

As well, any payment providers that allow for application fees to be collected by a Marketplace will work as expected when using AcceptOn by ensuring that the application_fee argument is used when creating a Transaction Token

Store the keys

Once a user has created an account, they will be redirected back to your system with a public and secret key pair. Please store these keys within the marketplace as they will be used shortly. The public key is passed into the form to identify the user. The secret key is used to perform any API requests on the user’s behalf.

Configure the form

Now, we need to configure the payment form. To do so, you’ll need your user’s public key, a Transaction token, and an optional URL to redirect the user to once the transaction is successful.

Here are two examples: one for a modal and one for an iframe:

Show a Modal Popup Example

<script src=""

Show an inline iFrame Example

<div id="accepton-form"></div>
<script src=""

Please see creating a Transaction Token for more information on the available options.


Please contact with any questions or problems.